Miami 2014

Wow, does our Miami Music Week 2014 schedule look hectic or what?

3/26 | 12.30 PM | BIG BEAT | DREAM HOTEL
3/26 | 1.00 AM | BROBOT | SLS HOTEL

Step Back feat. Kris Kiss

Coming up on Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Records is our new track ‘Step Back’ featuring Kris Kiss.

“We’ve been playing more and more tracks that have some kind of UK garage feel lately. Not full on London pirate radio, but more like deep house with some balls and a bit more energy. We also appreciate the energy of some of the EDM tracks out there, although we sometimes miss the soul or swing. So inspired by that we came up with the instrumental of Step Back. We heard of Kris Kiss through our old buddy Aaron Ross (who used to work at Defected) so we asked him for the vocals and he nailed it. He exactly delivered what we had in mind with this track.”

Release date end of march!

Janelle Monae – Dance Apocalyptic

Here’s our official remix for the über cool american singer Janelle Monae. Release date march 10 on Atlantic Records.

Gotsome – Bassline (Chocolate Puma Remix)

As the vocals of Gotsome’s Bassline are about a bassline (o rly?), we knew we had to come up with a fat one! When we played the first demo of our remix we saw the people’s reaction to these very catchy vocals, but our bassline just didn’t deliver. So it was basically a lot of tweaking and road testing till we had the impact right and had a good reaction from the crowd. So this is a good example how DJing and studiowork go hand in hand.

Hope you like it!

Out now @ beatport

Interview With DMC

Interview : Dan Prince

René, Gaston welcome back to DMCWORLD, where in the world are you right now?  

“Today Dan we are in our studio in The Netherlands playing with our new toy called ‘The Bass Machine’.”

Well what can we say? Quite simply a huge start to 2014 for you guys with three productions we are all so excited about. Let’s kick off with your remix of GOTSOME’s ‘Bassline’ taking the Buzz Chart No.1 slot for the third time!! You seemed slightly bemused on your Facebook site when you learnt the news…?

“Well we are always very happy and grateful if one of our remixes or tracks gets such a good response. And hitting the No. 1 position in the Buzz Chart is very special for us.”

Why do you think your rework of Bristol’s finest has captured the world’s dancefloors so much? The original was literally thrown together after Adam had been listening to Adonis’s ‘No Way Back’ on  loop all day and simply fell in love with the bassline…  Continue Reading →


Coming up on Junior Sanchez’ Brobot Records is a track that started out as a DJ tool for our sets, and ended up being one of our favourite club tunes. Hope you like it too!

Studio Tips: Sidechain kick & bass without losing the punch of the bass

We all love sidechaining, don’t we? Who doesn’t sidechain their bass lines by putting a compressor on it and have it triggered by the kick drum? It’s a very effective way to separate these parts and it cleans up your mix.

But what we sometimes don’t want is losing the punch and attack of a bass line. What happens is that if you need to sidechain quite heavy, that it can affect the transients, most notably in the mid- and higher range of the bass sound.

Here’s a really simple method we use a lot, to separate the kick & bass parts by sidechaining, without losing the punch of the bass. Continue Reading →

Chocolate Puma Tour Fall 2013 DJ Mix

Our bookers asked us to do a a DJ mix to get you guys in the mood for our Fall 2013 Tour. Check for more info!

Interview With

Chocolate Puma consists of Gaston Steenkist and René ter Horst, two of Holland’s best musical exports who are taking the US EDM scene by storm. This past Saturday they played at Insomniac’s Exchange LA nightclub, and were gracious enough with their time to sit and chat with us.  Continue Reading →

Two Of Our Latest DJ Sets

We recently purchased a portable recorder so we can record our DJ sets. Here’s two of them; one is a warm up set for our buddies Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano @ Booom! Ibiza, and the other one is a full-on-field-full-of-kids-festival-set recorded live @ Sneekweek Festival, The Netherlands.

For the mixcloud heads out there, we will upload all of our sets there as well: